We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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4/11/2015 to 4/27/2015   We headed west on a camping trip and hit the High Island area including Anahuac
NWR, TX.  On through NM to CO, we stopped along the way to catch area birds.  Going back in Time....
4/25+26/2015 Pawnee National Grasslands, CO, and Eagle's Bluff, MO:  We caught West Meadowlark ,
Swainson's Hawk (also juvenile and intermediate adult), Rock Wren , and many Horned Lark individuals.  
Burrowing Owls were awesome to watch as they munched on giant grasshoppers while a few Brewer's
Sparrows hopped by. Also, Prothonotary Warbler , Kildeer , White Pelican , and Yellow Warbler .
4/21 thru 25/2015  NM and Pawnee National Grasslands, CO:  We caught a Black Phoebe on a walk in NM ,
then headed to CO, hoping to see a Mountain Plover.  We only saw one (Yipee!) and caught an American
Kestrel and some McCown's Longspurs as well.  Also shown: a Vesper Sparrow study.
5/7/2015 Amelia Island, Fl:  A Painted Bunting fest!  (m,f) WOW - what a beautiful bird!   Also Brown-headed
Cowbird (m,f) and a few images of the Cedar Waxwing migration from 3/13/15.