We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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4/11/2015 to 4/27/2015   We headed west on a camping trip and hit the High Island area including Anahuac
NWR, TX.  On through NM to CO, we stopped along the way to catch area birds.
4/15+16/2015  Lost Maples, TX: Awesome place!  4/16/15   We ended our visit with no worthwhile pic of the
Black-capped Vireo and just a distant pic of the Golden-cheeked Warbler but we had fun and saw a
number of both.  Caught other birds the last day such as nesting Eastern Bluebird pair , Rock Wren ,
Summer Tanager singing his heart out , Western Scrub-Jay , and a loving White-winged Dove pair.
4/17 + 18/2015 Davis Mountains State Park, TX:  The flowers were amazing!  After searching the area for
two days, we finally caught sight of a Montezuma Quail as the sun set on our last day.   What a beauty!    
Then a camper told us of a nearby Elf Owl and we were able to steal a pic of her out of the night.  (It was so
dark, she was invisible to the eye.)  Also,  Ladder-backed Woodpecker , Pine Siskin , Scott's Oriole ,
Summer Tanager , Turkey Vulture , White-winged Dove , Zone-tailed Hawk , and Lesser Goldfinch .
4/17+18/2015  Davis Mountains State Park, TX:   Cassin's Finch (m+f), Cactus Wren , Canyon Towhee ,
Black-throated Sparrow , a distant Bushtit , Black-chinned Hummingbird, Bewick's Wren , Bell's Vireo with
breakfast , Ash-throated Flycatcher , and Acorn Woodpecker .