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1/25/2015  Amelia Island, Fl: We are seeing many Yellow-rumped Warbler flocks .  Shown: Yellow-rumped
Warbler , Yellow-bellied Sapsucker , Tufted Titmouse , Palm Warbler , Tri-colored Heron fishing , Pine
Warbler , Red-bellied Woodpecker , Osprey , and Hooded Merganser . A Canada Goose flock was sighted
at dawn along with a Black Skimmer flock in flight.  Also, a Black-crowned Night-Heron (juv), Ruddy Duck ,
and Northern Mockingbird .
2/3/2015  Miami, Fl:  A quick inserted trip where we caught some pics of an Egyptian Goose family and
Orange-winged Parrots.  (Both having been introduced into Florida.)  Also shown: Red-bellied
Woodpecker pair.