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12/1/2014  thru 12/12/14  During two weeks, we were part of a group conducting a bird survey in Cuba.  It
was a wonderful opportunity and we enjoyed the people we met and the sights we saw.  We traveled from
Havana to almost the westernmost tip of the island nation, then south to the Zapata Peninsula and then
north to Cayo Coco.  The group counted over 170 species, including an American Pipit which had never
been seen in Cuba before.
The birds shown are not in chronological order: Zapata Wren , Zapata Sparrow (two subspecies), Yellow
Warbler , Yellow-throated Warbler , Yellow-headed Warbler , Yellow-faced Grassquit (they hover over
grass sprays to eat), and the beautiful Western Spindalis (m,f,) (or Stripe-headed Tanager).
12/1/2014  thru 12/12/14  Cuba:  West Indian Woodpecker , White Ibis flock , Worm-eating Warbler ,
White-crowned Pigeon , White-crowned Sparrow , Yellow-bellied Sapsucker , and Zenaida Dove .  
12/1/2014  thru 12/12/14  Cuba:  Click on "NEXT PAGE" below for more bird pics.
Shown here some scenes from Cuba - yes, there are a lot of classic cars and the people were charming.
12/1/2014  thru 12/12/14  Cuba:  It was a treat to have a Mangrove Cuckoo come out and dry its wings for