We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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11/7/2014 Amelia Island, Fl:  Palm Warbler.  Then out on the beach, we were amazed by waves in the wind,
with the Brown Pelicans that coasted in the spray, and with a small Piping Plover flock attempting to rest
on the beach.  We were careful not to disturb them.  Please remember dogs, ESPECIALLY dogs off the
leash, REALLY disturb resting shorebirds!  Thanks.
11/13/2014 Crystal River area and Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Fl:  The SP is a wonderful rehab
and recuperation spot for hurt birds where we took advantage of a close Great Horned Owl and American
Flamingo.  A double-crested Cormorant and Wood Duck pair were visiting the very cool manatees at the
springs.  The nearby beaches and parks provided images of bathing Dunlin , Turkey Vulture , Red-bellied
Woodpecker , House Wren , Great Blue Heron , Chipping Sparrow , Willet , Blue-gray Gnatcatcher ,
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron , and many Yellow-rumped Warblers in colorful foliage .  
Also Ruddy Turnstone , Palm Warbler , Gray Catbird , and a river otter munching on fish at sunset.
11/9/2014 Amelia Island, Fl:  Black Skimmer , Ring-billed Gull , Brown Pelican resting , Sandwich Tern and
Royal Tern below, Osprey , Forster's Tern , and Laughing Gulls taking baths.