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9/6/2014 Huguenot Memorial Park, FL: Two Piping Plovers were seen feeding along the shore.  
9/6/2014 Huguenot Memorial Park, FL:  We caught a number of other species besides the Piping Plovers.
Black-bellied Plover , Bank Swallow , Greater Yellowlegs , one of the Reddish Egrets was fishing in the
waves , a Lesser Black-backed Gull with a fish , Red Knot , Least Sandpiper , Semipalmated Plover ,
Wilson's Plover finishing a crab, Roseate Spoonbill flock resting , Royal Tern with a Caspian Tern next to
it for comparison, and 2 Royal Terns squabbling over a fish.
9/14/2014 Amelia Island, FL: A very tame Great Blue Heron was feeding along the Green Way and gave the
camera some good looks.  A surprising (and surprised) juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron paused to
look up during its hunt while a male Red-bellied Woodpecker was foraging in the trees with its young.  
9/21/2014 Huguenot Memorial Park, FL:  We loved watching an elegant Reddish Egret hunt.  The mostly
young Opsrey individuals have improved on their fishing skills and we witnessed a number of
successful catches.  A young Snowy Egret (with yellowish legs) was also enjoying breakfast.  Also shown:
Sandwich Tern , Caspian Tern , Common Tern , Turkey Vulture, and a Varied Lorikeet . (Kidding - Just
seeing who is paying attention.  Yes, we are STILL going through our Australia files!)
9/28/2014 Fort Clinch, Amelia Island, FL:  It is always great to see a Red Knot - wish there had been a
whole flock.  Also, our more common Ruddy Turnstone , Willet, and Sanderling .