We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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7/28/2014  Somewhere along a back road south of St Augustine, Fl, we saw a Mississippi Kite with a
youngster in flight.  Caught the adult before they flew off.  Also, 14th st, Amelia Island, Fl:  young Painted
Buntings were flitting about a parking lot along with a Northern Cardinal family and Prairie Warbler.
8/3/2014  Fort Clinch, Fl : It was a wonderful morning to be out, in spite of the sprinkles.  We found two
Black Tern in molt resting with a Least Tern flock (kept the Least Tern in the image in one instance to
show size) as well as a Sandwich Tern feeding its young.  
8/3/2014  Fort Clinch, Fl : It was a wonderful morning to be out.  The sky cleared up later but first we caught
an Osprey eating a fish in the rain.  Lighting was terrible but it was interesting to watch.  Also: Laughing
Gull , Herring Gull , Forster's Tern , Common Tern , Royal Tern (with Juv.), more Sandwich Tern (with Juv.)
pics showing many different plumages, and a Summer Tanager in the trees by the parking lot.
8/4/2014  Amelia Island, FL:  A Leatherback Sea Turtle excavation was fascinating.  After a hatching, the
Turtle group on the island go into the nest to see what remains.  Often there is a live turtle left and we
were hoping for a picture (in daylight rather than night).  This time, there were over 20 young still in the
nest (the knowledgeable group didn't know why so many remained) and we were able to see them
released into the waves.  It was amazing to watch but what a rough start to life!  A big thanks to the turtle
group for sharing their time and teaching us about these awesome creatures!  Very very cool!