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6/10/2014 Hartwick Pines SP, MI:  Besides seeing the Kirkland's Warbler (click NEXT PAGE below), we also
were treated to an Evening Grosbeak pair and a number of Rose-breasted Grosbeak individuals.  
Lighting in the trees was horrible but there must have been a hawk hanging about somewhere above as
the troupe came down low and kept very still - lucky for us!  Also shown: Cedar Waxwing , Black Tern ,
and a busy American Redstart that paused to check us out.
7/7/2014 A quick jump to July and the Amelia Island Least Tern site:  Please approach with caution and
don't let your pets off leash along the beaches  - especially near nesting seabirds.   Least Tern on eggs
and a chick seeking shade.  More of these guys later hopefully!!!
6/12/2014 Metro Park, Mnt Clemens, MI:  A Yellow Warbler feeding his brood gave us some looks.  Also:
Warbling Vireo , Song Sparrow , Red-winged Blackbird (f) , Northern Flicker , Mute Swan family , Great
Crested Flycatcher , Great Blue Heron , Downy Woodpecker , Cedar Waxwing , a Black-capped Chickadee
feeding its own family , and last but not least, a brilliant male Baltimore Oriole at its own nest.