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8/15-20/2013 Sri Lanka!  What a wonderful Island nation.  The people were so friendly, the landscape
beautiful and clean, and the wildlife fantastic!  A big thanks to our keen guide Sam from the Eco Team
Tours who taught us so much about the nature around us.  The trip was too short but we got to visit
Sinharaja Rain Forest, then headed to the dry region where we took safaris into Udawalawe National Park,
Yala National Park, and Bundala National Park.  Elephants, monkeys, crocs, and snakes were seen; even a
leopard was sighted.  The birding was terrific (winter months are reportedly even better).
Sri Lanka: Leucistic Paddyfield Pipit , Painted Stork , Pheasant-tailed Jacana , Pied Kingfisher , Purple
Heron , Purple Swamphen , Scaly-breasted Munia , Southern Coucal , Spot-billed Pelican , Sri Lanka
Woodshrike , Tri-colored Munia , Western Black-tailed Godwit (if split), White-throated Kingfisher ,
Black-headed Ibis , Wood Sandpiper , Changeable Hawk Eagle , Black-winged Stilt , and Yellow-wattled
8/15-20/2013 Sri Lanka: Intermediate Egret , Indian Pond Heron , Indian Cormorant , House Crow , Grey
Heron , Grey-headed Fish Eagle , Great Thick-knee , Great Egret , Golden-fronted Leafbird, Eurasian
Thick-knee , Eurasian Spoonbill , and Darter .