ASIA:  We will post our recent pictures here first.  Look for series showing bird
behavior.  (
Please email us with any corrections and name changes - we appreciate it!)
3/18/12 Hokkaido, Japan:  The star of our Japan visit had to be the dancing Red-crowned Crane (s), many
of which we were able to see interacting.  Click on NEXT PAGE below to see them!  A close second were
Steller's Sea Eagle, White-tailed Sea Eagle, and the fantastic Black Kite , many of which came close to us
as they kited by.  We were thrilled to see them in flight and defending their food from the crows.
3/18/12 Hokkaido, Japan:  White-backed Woodpecker study, Eurasian Jay , Eurasian Nuthatch , Marsh Tit ,
Asian Rosyfinch , Eastern Great Tit , Greater Scaup , Harlequin Duck , Tufted Duck , Smew , Red-breasted
Merganser , Long-tailed Duck , Black Scoter , Common Goldeneye , Eurasian Wigeon , Common Pochard ,
Jungle Crow , Pelagic Cormorant , Carrion Crow , Red-faced Cormorant , and Whooper Swan . Great trip!!!