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behavior.  (
Please email us with any corrections and name changes - we appreciate it!)
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1/6 thru 1/24 2013: Our trip to India started in the beautiful Goa region (1/6-1/12 Click on NEXT PAGE
below!) and took us through Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (1/19-1/21) and on to the Manjira Sanctuary,
Hyderabad 1/24).
1/21/2013: Bharatpur, India:  Yellow-crowned Woodpecker , Rufous Treepie , Little Egret , Indian
Spot-billed Duck , Rose-ringed Parakeet (f), Lesser Whitethroat , Indian Pond Heron , Indian Cormorant ,
Indian Golden Oriole , Intermediate Egret , Green Sandpiper , Bar-headed Goose flock , Darter , Greylag
Goose , Greater Coucal , Bluethroat , and Great White Pelican .
1/23/2013: Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary, India: A beautiful male Purple Sunbird put on a show. Also: a
Purple-rumped Sunbird , Asian Pied Starling , Red Avadavat (f+m), River Tern , Laughing Dove , Cotton
Pygmy-Goose , Common Myna , Black-winged Kite , Black-headed Bunting , Black-headed Ibis , Brahminy
Starling , and some very cool giant bats.