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10/13/2016-11/7/2016 Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne area, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA:  A fantastic trip along the
east coast offered great opportunities to see so many of the birds in that part of the country.  Below is an
overview sampling of some of the species we caught.  (Then go back in time clicking Next Page below. )
Just a SAMPLE of the birds we saw in AUSTRALIA:  Double-eyed Fig-Parrot , Splendid Fairy-wren ,
Turquoise  Parrot , Red-browed Finch , White-throated Treecreeper , Southern Cassowary , Scarlet
Honeyeater , Satin Bowerbird at bower, Flame Robin , Riflebird , Regent Bowerbird , Rainbow Lorikeet ,
Yellow Wattlebird , White-naped Honeyeater , White-faced Heron , Spectacled Monarch , Strong-billed
Honeyeater , Speckled Warbler , Striated Thornbill , Silvereye , Red-backed Fairy-wren , Pied Monarch ,
Tasmanian Scrubwren , Tasmanian Native-hen , Australian White Ibis , Russet-tailed Thrush, Pied
Butcherbird , Channel-billed Cuckoo , Macleay's Honeyeater , Masked Lapwing chick, Dusky Robin , Noisy
Miner , Long-billed Corella , Laughing Kookaburra , King Parrot , Green Rosella , Gouldian Finch
(reintroduction program), Freckled Duck , Forty-spotted Pardalote , Papuan Frogmouth , Australian
Magpie , Australian Wood Duck , Emu , Emerald Dove , Crimson Rosella , Common Bronzewing ,
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin , Mulga Parrot , Brown Cuckoo-Dove , Brown Thornbill , Brown Booby , Bell
Miner , Black - winged Kite , Albert's Lyrebird ; and it was so cool to see a Platypus.

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