ASIA:  We will post our recent pictures here first.  Look for series showing bird
behavior.  (
Please email us with any corrections and name changes - we appreciate it!)
4/1-11/12 Beautiful Taiwan:  We were able to take a few days to bird with Wayne Hsu, a phenomenal birder
in Taiwan.  Thanks, Wayne!  One of our favorite birds: the Taiwan Blue Magpie.  We got to see them taking
baths and feeding each other lizards and other such goodies.  Click on "Next Page" below for more on
Taiwan!  (Go all the way back to page 9 for another Taiwan Blue Magpie study.)
3/24/12 Back in time, some pics from Chongming Island , China:  White Wagtail , Grey Wagtail , Rustic
Bunting , Eurasian Bittern , Daurian Redstart , Common Hoopoe , and a newly arrived Barn Swallow . Click
on "Next Page" below for more on Taiwan!
4/22/12 Chongming Island, China:  Chinese Pond Heron (searching for nesting material and chowing down
a crayfish), Little Egret , Kentish Plover , Little Grebe , Oriental Greenfinch , Chinese Bulbul , Spotted
Redshank , Vinous-throated parrotbill (with nesting material) , and a Common Redshank.
4/27/12 Century Park, Shanghai:  Had to get out into the brilliant sunshine!  A brief walk in the park yielded
a Tristram's Bunting pair, two Red-billed Starlings , a Chinese Grosbeak , an Azure-winged Magpie , a
Eurasian Blackbird pair bathing, and a White Wagtail .