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behavior.  (
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12/21/2013-1/2/2014 Darwin, Australia:  We had an amazing trip to Australia's Northern Territory. From
Darwin we headed towards Kakadu NP via Howard Springs, Fogg Dam Reserve,  Leaning Tree Park,
Window on the Wetlands, and the Aurora area where we spent a couple of fabulous days in 104 degree
1/1+2/14 Traveling backwards in time...Back in Darwin at the end of our trip, we rang in the New Year with
2 days of birding, of course!  Long-tailed Finch (red-billed form) , Double-barred Finch , Crimson Finch
(love these guys), Chestnut-breasted Mannikin , Beach Stone-Curlew , Brown Honeyeater , and a Bush
Stone-Curlew .
1/1/14 Darwin, Australia:  An Australian Pelican study along with a juvenile Silver Gull.
1/1/14 Darwin, Australia:  White-throated Honeyeater , Varied Triller (f) , Galah , White-bellied
Cuckoo-shrike , White-gaped Honeyeater , Straw-necked Ibis,  Shining Flycatcher (WOW!), Red-headed
Honeyeater (m,f), Rainbow Lorikeet , Rainbow Bee-eater group , Orange-footed Scrubfowl , Magpie-lark ,
Eastern Reef Egret , and Figbird.