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12/5-10/2013 Fuzhou, China:  A wonderful trip to Fuzhou and the surrounding mountains offered some
great shots of pheasants, four different forktails, and and other goodies.  A huge thanks to a great guide,
Forest ( ) who knew where to find the birds.  Thanks, Forest!  Shown here:  a
Grey-chinned Minivet flock swooped low for the camera - lovely!  Also, Grey-cheeked Fulvetta ,
Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker , Great Tit , Greater Yellow-naped Woodpecker , Common Pheasant ,
Chestnut Bulbul , Black-chinned Yuhina , Bay Woodpecker , and a rather hidden Elliot's Pheasant .  More
on next page.
12/5-10/2013 Fuzhou, China:  Yellow-bellied Tit , White-rumped Munia , Tristram's Bunting (f), Spotted
Dove , Himalayan Bluetail (m), Pale-headed Woodpecker , Pale Thrush , Oriental Magpie Robin , Grey
Wagtail , Grey Treepie , Mountain Bulbul , Masked Laughingthrush , and Common Moorhen .
12/5-10/2013 Fuzhou, China:  Orange-bellied Leafbird (m,f) and Forktailed Sunbird (m,f) study . And, a
Japanese Whiteeye .