Red-billed Streamertail  (Jamaican Endemic)
Birds of Jamaica - Rockland Park, Green Castle Estate, and Montego Bay Area.  Birding Jamaica?  Keep a
look-out for these gems flitting about.  The Jamaican Birds are treasures and the island itself is simply
gorgeous!  Not only do they have so many endemics, but we saw North American warblers galore during
our winter trip  - along with hillside devastation where huge houses were being built.  Hope they start
some protection laws and eco-building soon or the winter haven and the beauty will vanish.
Jamaican Mango (endemic) and Vervain Hummingbird
A few of the Other Birds of Jamaica:  White-crowned Pigeon , Smooth-billed Ani , Jamaican Woodpecker ,
Jamaican Tody , Jamaican Pewee , Jamaican Oriole , Greater Antillean Bullfinch , Common Peafowl
(Percy), Common Ground-Dove , Bananaquit , Orangequit (m&f) , Olive-throated Parakeet, White-winged
Dove , White-chinned Thrush , Northern Jacana (ad,imm) , Loggerhead Kingbird , Caribbean Dove ,
Prairie Warbler , and Greater Antillean Grackle.