We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
Memorial Weekend 5/29/10 - 5/31/10: Wonderful weather prevailed! The DE canal offered us some
Yellow-Breasted Chat images along with a Cattle Egret in flight and a Gray Catbird. Conowingo, MD, and
Brandywine Creek State Park, DE, offered some wonderful pics of a Prothonotary Warbler , a Cedar
Waxwing pair building a nest (They seemed a bit offended by our laughter but they were so funny  - the
seed pods kept swinging and sending them off-balance.) and an American Kestrel twosome (which may
have been a pair or just related as one was an adult and one was an immature). The Zebra Swallowtail was
just stunning!
6/5and 6/6/10 found us at Conowingo Dam, MD, Middlerun, DE, and the canal, DE :A female Orchard Oriole
was hunting under our noses while a male Baltimore Oriole snuck around in the trees and didn't want to
show himself. A Barn Swallow fledgling rested nearby while the parents kept an eye on him. At the canal,
two Common Yellowthroat pairs insisted we go away, so we did after some quick shots. A white-eyed
Vireo called to us and came out to see what we were up to. A young Scarlet Tanager sang to us at
Middlerun, DE but wouldn't come down to play. Did anyone see that sunrise, 6/6? WOW!
6/11and 6/12/10 We birded WCCSP, DE and a few areas in New Jersey. Found an Ovenbird and a Red-eyed
Vireo willing to play along with glorious damselflies and butterflies. Other species showing up included a
Black-billed Cuckoo , Blue Grosbeak , Yellow Warbler (m+f) , Baltimore Oriole , Cedar Waxwing ,
Yellow-breasted Chat , and indigo Bunting . The Chat was singing his heart out and with such gusto, we
had to do a little study of his efforts. We were duly impressed!