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8/25/20  to 9/4/20 We traveled out to Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona to visit family and bird areas out west.  
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9/1/20 Miller Canyon area, AZ:  Arriving late afternoon, we caught male and female of: White-eared
Hummingbird , Magnificent Hummingbird (Rivoli's), and Broad-billed Hummingbird .  Then: male
Black-chinned Hummingbird , Chihuahuan Raven (note white on Juv.), and male Anna's Hummingbird .
8/31/20 Mount Lemmon area, AZ: a too brief stop yielded Rufous Hummingbird , Pygmy Nuthatch , a weird
leucistic? unknown Warbler, Pine Siskin , Western Bluebird , Western Wood-pewee , Yellow-eyed Junco ,
a Mountain Chickadee taking a bath , Spotted Towhee , a Lesser Goldfinch flock feeding , Broad-tailed
Hummingbird , Black-headed Grosbeak , and Cooper's Hawk .
8/30/20 Mount Charles area, NV:  Black-eyed Junco , Cassin's Finch , Steller's Jay , Yellow-rumped Warbler
, Anna's Hummingbird , and some Wild Mustangs that wandered by.