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7/23/20  Amelia Island, FL:  we were thrilled to catch a small Swallow-tailed Kite flock resting and preening
in the trees by a golf course.  While we usually see them off-island, soaring about as they hunt, we
enjoyed having them sit and pose for the camera.  Of course, a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk had to
come and claim their perch - and they flew off.  (We saw them again the 25th, and only one 8/6).  Also: a
female Painted Bunting popped out to eat grass seed.
7/5/20  A brief pause in MO on our drive home from ND: we stopped for 10 minutes to see if we could
locate an Eurasian Tree Sparrow and we were successful!  Also caught a male Indigo Bunting .
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7/26/20  Okefenokee NWA, GA:  On a lovely morning in the pines, we caught a Barred Owl , Red-headed
Woodpecker (with juvenile), Northern Bobwhite , and distant Bachman's Sparrow .