We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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6/26/20 to 7/4/20 We headed north to Minnasota and North Dakota:  It was gorgeous out and every bird
seemed to be having young at the time.
7/4/20  Near Steele, ND:  Our last day!  While an American Coot is a rather common bird, we have never
seen a nest out in the open like this, and with newly hatched young.   We had a lot of fun watching the
doting parents bring food and observing all the little bodies hustle for the offerings (Mostly dragonfly
larvae).  We also caught our best Baird's Sparrow this day (tho we aren't proud of it), and a Marbled
Godwit.  Great way to spend a morning!
7/4/20  Near Steele, ND:  Sora chicks were running about hunting for food and were only ID-ed when the
parent appeared to protect them from a blackbird!   Also: Upland Sandpiper , Lesser Scaup , Red-necked
Grebe , Canvasback , Pied-billed Grebe , Sedge Wren , Ruddy Duck , Song Sparrow , immature Willet ,
Ring-necked Pheasant family , Wilson's Phalarope , Wilson's Snipe , Swainson's Hawk , Savannah Sparrow
, Northern Shoveler , Ring-billed Gull , Black Tern , and juv. Horned Lark . HOW FUN!