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12/26/2019 to 1/13/2020 For trip to New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Colorado:
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1/20/20 Amelia Island, FL:  Warning - the Great Horned Owl images below are not pleasant!
A friend of ours called, letting us know that two owls were interacting in her backyard.  Thanks so much,
Peg!  We hurried over with the camera.  It took a while to figure out what was going on.  At first, we thought
they were playing, then mating, then fighting over food (once we saw bloody beaks). Unfortunately, the
scene was rather gruesome and they were fighting and drawing blood.  They are incredibly strong
predators and could have gone for eyes and broken each other's wings so perhaps killing wasn't the
intent.  Neither one had the upper hand and they continued to change places.  I know many people let
nature take its course, but we just hated to see the fight continue downhill.  Once we figured out that there
was no food involved, we moved forward to disturb them and they both flew off.  These are not pleasant
images and it was sad to see them both intent on hurting each other.  We could find no record on the
internet of this kind of behavior.
2/7/20 Amelia Island, FL:  A quick jaunt around the north end of the island caught us a Palm Warbler ,
Eastern Phoebe , Cedar Waxwing , American Robin , and a Red-bellied Woodpecker with a lizard.
3/7/20 Amelia Island, FL area:  After finishing up some house projects, we finally made it outside to find
migration "ahappenin"!  First, a male Belted Kingfisher hung for us in great light, then a Red-breasted
Merganser flock on the hunt zoomed by.  Also: Pileated Woodpecker , Orange-crowned Warbler ,
Yellow-throated Warbler, Lincoln's Sparrow , Yellow-rumped Warbler , White Ibis , Hooded Merganser ,
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher , Eastern Phoebe , and finally Black Skimmer and Forster's Tern images at sunrise.