We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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12/26/2019 to 1/13/2020 We had a grand trip out west via Colorado and Nevada to see family for the
holidays (birding a bit on the side), then went on to chase some rarities.  We searched for the
Rose-ringed Parakeet in Bakersfield, the Garganey being seen in CA, the Ruddy Ground-dove and
Rosy-faced Lovebird in AZ, and the Black Rosy-Finch and the Common Crane in NM.  It was great to visit
these spots and we were able to see all of these special birds except the Common Crane (which was like
looking for a Waldo amidst the huge number of Sandhill Cranes)!  More pics coming!
12/26 thru 12/29 Denver area, Colorado:  White-breasted Nuthatch , Red-tailed Hawk , Bald Eagle (juv),
American Tree Sparrow , Black-billed Magpie , Brown Creeper , House Finch , Cackling Goose ,
Black-capped Chickadee , Herring Gull , a lone Snow Goose , a Townsend's Solitaire in the shadows, and
the real star of the show: a coyote who seemed like one magpie's best bud out on the lake ice.  (The
coyote wanted the fish carcass but the ice was thin and we were glad he didn't go for it!)
12/30/19 Las Vegas, Nevada:  The light was wonderful on this beautiful morning!   Green-winged Teal ,
Greater Scaup , Cinnamon Teal , Anna's Hummingbird (juv. m),  Northern Shoveler , Ruby-crowned Kinglet ,
Orange-crowned Warbler , Gambel's Quail , Costa's Hummingbird (f), Mallard (m), and Say's Phoebe .