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9/18/19 to 10/5/19 Our trip out west to CA and WA to see owls!
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10/12 thru 10/20/19 Northeast Florida:  It was exciting to see a Great Cormorant in our neck of the woods!  
Then: Black Skimmer , Black-bellied Plover , American Oystercatcher , American Avocet , Franklin's Gull ,
and Caspian Tern .  Another rarer bird showed up: a Hudsonian Godwit (white rump/black tail)!  Osprey are
coming through, as are Sandwich Tern and Reddish Egret .  Also shown:  Lesser Black-backed Gull , White
Pelican flock in flight , Wilson's Plover , Willet , Western Sandpiper , Great Egret , and Eastern Phoebe .