We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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9/18/19 to 10/5/19 Heading out west, we flew first to San Diego area, and then to Seattle area to Owl.  We
had an awesome trip with great weather and picked up some birds we had never seen before!  
9/20 - 9/22/19 San Diego, CA:  A Pelagic Trip with Bruce Rideout and his spotting team - Thanks, Bruce! -
caught us Elegant Tern , Craveri's Murrelet , Brown Booby, Black-vented Shearwater, and a jaeger show:
Long-tailed Jaeger , Parasitic Jaeger , and Pomarine Jaeger , along with a distant Red-billed Tropicbird
and Red-necked Phalarope .  We also saw and ID-ed various storm-petrels but they were only specks.
9/22/19 San Diego Pelagics trip:  We also saw Sooty Shearwater  and Western Gull (various year phases).
9/18+19/19 Our first day!  Salton Sea and Torrence, CA:  Burrowing Owl , American Avocet , Yellow-footed
Gull , Verdin (ad,juv,), Song Sparrow (what a tail!), Solitary Sandpiper , Common Yellowthroat ,
Orange-crowned Warbler , Mallard , Least Sandpiper , Greater Roadrunner , Black Phoebe , Common
Groud-Dove , Scaly-breasted Munia ,  and a pretty but dangerous parasitic introduction, Pin-tailed Whydah .