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8/28/18 to 9/9/18:  We were fortunate enough to head to Ecuador for two weeks!  We flew into Quito,
headed up to Tandayapa, then drove east to Milpe, west to Guango Lodge, and back to Quito.  It was a
fantastic trip and we are still sorting the wonderful hummingbirds etc....it will take a while.   Click on
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9/4/18: Milpe, Ecuador:  Birding at our ecolodge and along a side road in Milpe: Zeledon's Antbird ,
White-necked Jacobin (f), Variable Seedeater (m, and poss f), Tropical KIngbird , Swallow Tanager (m,f),
Spotted Woodcreeper , Social Flycatcher , Smooth-billed Ani ,  Pale-legged Hornero , Masked Water
Tyrant , Crowned Woodnymph (m,f),  Collared Aracari interacting , Cinnamon Becard , and Buff-fronted
Foliage-gleaner .