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5/29/18: Jacksonville, FL:  More nesting Brown Pelican pics.  
6/10/18: Amelia Island and Jacksonville, FL:  Laughing Gull chicks have hatched.  (Royal Terns have some
chicks as well but are staying in the dunes with them while they are tiny.)
6/10/18: Jacksonville, FL:  Checked on the nesting Brown Pelican colony again. They are busy!  (Click on
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6/10/18: Amelia Island, FL:  A Great Crested Flycatcher duo was hunting while a juvenile Carolina Wren and
a Northern Cardinal pair of youngsters were being fed.  Also: Northern Parula , Red-bellied Woodpecker ,
and Yellow-throated Warbler with a catch.  Also: Amelia Island sunrises from May and June 2018!