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4/27/18 to 5/3/18: FLORIDA:  We traveled down the east coast of Florida to Key West, and then took the
ferry to Dry Tortugas, FL, where we camped for three nights.  We are still astounded by what we all saw!  
Mangrove Cuckoo, Wurdemann's Great Blue Heron, Black Noddy, and an American Flamingo as well!
Click on NEXT PAGE below for more pics from the beginning of this trip.  More pics coming soon!
5/2/18: Dry Tortugas, FL:  Our second full day continued to be amazing.  More of these warblers can be
seen by clicking on NEXT PAGE below.  The Merlin (also NEXT PAGE) scared away a Yellow-billed Cuckoo
that was above our tent while a Scarlet Tanager took on a grasshopper almost the same size as it was.
5/1 and 5/2/18: Dry Tortugas, FL:  A Gray Kingbird study.  Also: Swainson's Thrush , Magnolia Warbler ,
Veery , Gray Catbird, and Gray-cheeked Thrush. (Interesting note: while the first two days had 15+
Gray-cheeked Thrush individuals, 5/2/18 day we only saw one or two.)  Then: Tennessee Warbler taking a
bath, Ovenbird, and Palm Warbler .  The Sooty Tern and Brown Noddy colony seemed to be thriving in
spite of the Merlin, Northern Harrier, and Peregrine Falcon interest.