We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
3/21/09 Some more pics from that brilliant morning at Brigantine, NJ (see next page): Brant, Black Duck,
Bufflehead pair, and a pair of Hood Mergansers. Gadwalls were flying overhead at Dragon's Run, DE
4/12/09 Easter Sunrise was a wow! We headed down to the canal, DE and along Rt 9. An Eastern Towhee
was singing his heart out as was a Song Sparrow and a Carolina Wren. A Blue-winged Teal was off to hide
with his mate (we have caught many pics of these in FL but not in DE!) Two Pied-billed Grebes were
playing with food that seemed a bit much for them to handle. A Northern Mockingbird didn't seem to mind
us getting "up close and personal". Northern Bobwhite scurried passed almost before we saw them.
Loved watching the Tree Swallow migration in full swing! AND from Fl, a Common Moorhen bathing!
4/18/09 A beautiful day took us over to the NJ swamps where Osprey were fishing, Palm Warblers were
flitting about and singing, and Wood Ducks were being secretive - as usual.
4/17/09 Evening had us heading down the coast of DE to check for shorebirds  - There were plenty of
plovers, Dunlins, and snipe etc... out in the fields but they were too distant for pictures.  A fox showed up
and directed our interest towards a Ring-necked Pheasant pair. What amazing colors! Purple Martins are
back and Osprey were hunting for the catch of the day.
5/10/09 This entry is dedicated to the family's wonderful Granddad who passed away May 1, 2009.
After so much rain, it was beautiful at WCCSP, DE.  We hiked in and parked the camera in a spot where we
had seen a Canada Warbler the year before. We were quickly surrounded by warblers and vireos, many of
which escaped our lens as they darted about the leaves.  A Canada Warbler did appear with a Warbling
Vireo! Also shown: a Red-eyed Vireo, a Blackpoll Warbler, a Blue-gray gnatcatcher, an American Redstart
and a Tree Swallow.  It was a thrilling show of spring and it sure was grand to experience it!