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12/7/15  Little Talbot SP near Amelia Island, FL:  A male Redhead was a nice surprise along with a male
Hooded Merganser trio and a Double-crested Cormorant.  All were happily diving for dinner.  
12/8/15  Huguenot Mem. Park, Fl:  Piping Plover , Great Blue Heron , Forster's Tern , Dunlin (quite short
bill and yellowish legs), Black Skimmer and Black-bellied Plover studies,  Herring Gull with some scraps,
Sanderling , and a Laughing Gull flock.
12/10/15  Amelia Island, Fl:  A Pileated Woodpecker in brilliant light was checking out our neighborhood.  
Also shown: Pied-billed Grebe , Palm Warbler with a worm , Mallard , Black Duck , Laughing Gull , Great
Blue Heron , Ring-billed Gull , Ruddy Duck , and a Ruddy Turnstone flock.
12/19/15  A Merry Christmas to All!   Amelia Island area, Fl:  Osprey with fish , Peregrine Falcon , American
Kestrel (what colors), Mallard , Blue-winged Teal , Hermit Thrush , Savannah Sparrow , and Easter Phoebe .