We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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8/16/2015 Huguenot Memorial Park, FL:  The star of the show was an American Oystercatcher hamming it
up for the camera.  After a bath, it danced about to dry off in beautiful light.  What a gorgeous bird.  Also,
some resting Caspian Terns (First pic shows a Royal as well.), a Black-bellied Plover flock , Brown Pelican ,
Common Tern , Sandwich Tern , Greater Black-backed Gull at various ages and in various plumages, and a
Laughing Gull with a young one.   Click "NEXT PAGE" below for more pics from this trip.
8/18 thru 23/2015 Amelia Island, FL:  Wandering around the island, we came across the Black Vulture flock
that hangs around town, a Painted Bunting family munching on seed sprays, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher , a
Great Crested Flycatcher , a Mourning Dove , a Northern Cardinal , a juv. Northern Mockingbird , and a
Pileated Woodpecker .  (Lesser quality pics were had of a Northern Parula , Osprey, Prairie Warbler and
Carolina Chickadee .)  On 8/21 we had a Green Turtle excavation on the island with one very strong little
guy anxious to make the water.  Again, a big thanks to Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch, inc.!