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2/5/2015 to 2/27/2015 We flew to the "End of the World" Ushuaia, Terra del Fuego, Argentina with the
intent on catching our One Ocean ship, the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, to Antarctica via the Falklands and
South Georgia.  Our Tropical Birding guide, Andrew Spencer, was very knowledgeable and we were
pleased to have him help us identify all we saw.    (Click on NEXT PAGE below to go back in time and see
Adelie, Gentoo, Magellanic, Rockhopper and King Penguin colonies.)
2/19/2015  Half Moon and Deception Bay, Antarctica:  Last but not least of the penguins was the Chinstrap
Penguin and their colony at Half Moon.  They are noted for their climbing ability.  We also saw one picking
up stones (a nest-building ritual that ensures the eggs lay above the melting snow in the spring).  While
some were in molt, some were still feeding juveniles.  Also, Kelp Gull and Southern Giant Petrel.
2/19/2015  Deception Bay, Antarctica:  At the old whaling station we saw South Polar Skua interactions
then climbed the bluffs to see Cape Petrel nests.  Antarctic Shags were fishing in the waters.
End of the Trip 2/2015  Some Scenery pics from the last days that wouldn't fit elsewhere!