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2/5/2015 to 2/27/2015 We flew to the "End of the World" Ushuaia, Terra del Fuego, Argentina with the
intent on catching our One Ocean ship, the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, to Antarctica via the Falklands and
South Georgia.  Our Tropical Birding guide, Andrew Spencer, was very knowledgeable and we were
pleased to have him help us identify all we saw.    (Click on NEXT PAGE below to go back in time and see
Gentoo, Magellanic, and Rockhopper Penguin colonies.)
2/13/15  Also, Yellow-billed Pintail and a distant South Georgia Pipit for the record along with some
scenery shots Salisbury Plain and Prion Island, South Georgia.  Truly an amazing place!
2/13/2015  Salisbury Plain, South Georgia: We were very impressed by the size of the King Penguin colony
and the beautiful creatures surrounding us  -  we didn't want to leave!  Waves were crashing, but the
sleek bodies zipped through water effortlessly.  On land, groups of threes clustered here and there.  
There would be an interaction between two of them and one would quickly slap the other - politely, mind
you. (We heard this slapping could get more intense during mating season.)  It was comical to watch the
funny-shaped brown chicks waddle about.  Also,  a Great Skua checking the area for lunch.