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1/1/2015  Happy New Year!  Although it was a bit rainy, we started off 2015 with an early morning trip to
Okefenokee Swamp in GA:  No Bachman's Sparrows but a Swamp Sparrow , a friendly Pileated
Woodpecker , American Goldfinch , Common Ground-Dove, and a curious Brown-headed Nuthatch .  
While the lighting was terrible for photography, it sure was fun seeing our woodland friends.
1/4/2015  Hope it was a Happy New Year!  A quick stop at Fort Clinch, Amelia Island, Fl:  a Willet hunting, an
obliging Purple Sandpiper preening after a bath, an Osprey still hanging around, a Forster's Tern , a Black
Skimmer flock (in a mixed gull flock), and a Common Tern .    
1/10/2015  Around town, Amelia Island, Fl:  Hooded Merganser , Tricolored Heron (with Snowy Egret),
Lesser Scaup male showing off, and female, 2nd year Bald Eagle , Yellow-rumped Warbler , and two
Anhinga individuals.    FOR CUBA, click on NEXT PAGE below.
1/17/2015  Amelia Island, Fl:  A Snowy Egret group posed as they preened. On the Green Way, a
Red-shouldered Hawk pair  were hunting together and didn't mind the camera.  Also: Cedar Waxwing ,
Lesser Scaup raft , Carolina Chickadee , Hooded Merganser , a White Ibis study (mud and all), American
Robin , Yellow-bellied Sapsucker , Yellow-rumped Warbler , Great Blue Heron in flight , Belted Kingfisher
, and a male Common Grackle .  FOR CUBA, click on NEXT PAGE below.