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5/19/2014 St Augustine, FL:  We continue to check on our heron families while the daily flyby of White Ibis
is a treat.  Shown: White Ibis, Wood Stork , Tri-colored Heron , Swallow-tailed Kite , Snowy Egret , Roseate
Spoonbill , and a pair of Cattle Egret in startling breeding plumage.
5/19/2014 Fort Clinch area, Amelia Island, Fl: Tufted Titmouse (juv), Mourning Dove pair, Painted Bunting ,
Great Crested Flycatcher , Laughing Gull interactions , Herring Gull , Red-breasted Merganser duo ,
Wood Duck pair and a Ring-billed Gull, all after a gorgeous sunrise and moon set that morning.
5/25/2014 Huguenot Memorial Park, FL:  The amazing park tries so hard to protect the birds!!!  Various Red
Knot individuals are shown along with an Osprey checking out the wildlife protecting signs. The little
American Oystercatcher chick was being fed well.  Also, a nesting Black Skimmer pair.